Crème de Cassis de Saintonge, blackcurrant liqueur


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Crème de Cassis de Saintonge, blackcurrant liqueur

Category : Fruit Liqueur

Variety of fruits : Noir de Bourgogne, under Geographical Indication Cassis de Saintonge

Degree : 20 % vol.

Since 2015, Merlet Saintonge Blackcurant liqueur (Crème de cassis de Saintonge) holds the Geographical Indication status, in recognition of a unique 30-years expertise in growing blackcurrants and turning them into liqueur. The Charentais terroir imparts unique properties to the Noir de Bourgogne variety, naturally rustic, and limits its yields. The harvested berries are small, but very rich. The berries are soaked in pure alcohol to extract all their flavours, then pressed and filtered. Sugar is added to this natural fruit infusion to obtain the Crème de cassis. Complete control of every stages of the process, from the cultivation and harvest of the fruits at their ripest to their transformation by Merlet, guarantees, together with the very high concentration of macerated fruits, the intensity and complexity of the final product.


Merlet’s Crème de Cassis de Saintonge is enjoyed on the rocks, with soda water or in the French tradition with wine or Champagne.

Tasting notes

An opaque purple colour, almost black, paints the glass. Very intense nose of ripe cassis. Bold spices, mint, tobacco and pepper notes. Supple, lightly syrupy palate and an explosively tangy and pure cassis fruit finish that leaves a lasting, delicious impression.


  • BTI 2016 platinium (98 et 97)
  • ISC 2014 Gold
  • IWSC 2014 Gold
  • SFWSC 2015 GOLD
  • SFWSC 2016 GOLD
  • USC 2015_94 pts
  • USC 2016_94 pts

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