C² Citron, cognac & citruses liqueur


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C² Citron, cognac & citruses liqueur

Category : Liqueur

Degree : 33 % vol.

Merlet C² Citron & Cognac calls on Merlet’s expertise as both distillers and liqueur-makers, and plays on the natural affinities between cognac and citruses – in this case, lemon and lime. First, peels of lemon and pureed whole limes are separately macerated to obtain natural infusions. Some of the infusions are distilled and then blended with the non-distilled infusions and the cognac (the latter makes up 70% of the blend). Sugar is added to obtain the final product.


Sugar / alcohol ratio is not too important, so C² Citron is perfect both as a digestif when served on ice and as an aperitif when used in a long drink. It can also be used instead of orange or citrus liqueurs in classic cocktails.

Tasting notes

Nose: Lemon clearly shines through, with notes of ginger, liquorice and spice.
Palate: An explosion of flavours. The Cognac, lemon and limes are in perfect harmony. The freshness of the citrus peels appears, with notes of vanilla, fruit and the cognac’s wood.


  • BTI 2015 gold (92,91)

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