C² Cassis, cognac & blackurrant liqueur


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C² Cassis, cognac & blackurrant liqueur

Category : Liqueur

Degree : 33 % vol.

Cognac & blackcurrant liqueur calls on Merlet’s expertise as both distillers and liqueur-makers, while revisiting a digestive once popular in France’s countryside, the Mêlécasse (a mixture of eau-de-vie and crème de cassis). C² Cassis is a blend of natural infusions of blackcurrant and cognac. Both products are made in-house. The infusions are the very same ones Merlet uses for the Crème de Cassis de Saintonge. They are blended with cognac (minimum of 60% of the alcoholic components). Sugar is added to obtain the final product. The pairing of cognac and blackcurrant truly creates new flavours and delivers great complexity.


Sugar / alcohol ratio is not too important, so C² Cassis is perfect both as a digestif when served on ice and as an aperitif when used in a long drink.

Tasting notes

Nose: First, the powerful fruitiness of blackcurrant. Then comes the Cognac with some Kirsch and Madeira notes.
Palate: Powerful blackcurrant followed by jammed blackberry flavours.


  • BTI 2015 gold (92,91)
  • USC 2015_92 pts

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